Enjune is an independent singer / songwriter / artist based in Venice Beach, CA.

Enjune is the moniker for Jake Goble’s American Alternative/Indie-Pop music project. Elements of his work have received comparisons to acts such as Bon Iver, James Blake, Coldplay and Hozier. Growing up in Northern California, Goble drew his early musical influences from a variety of sources ranging from time spent listening to classic rock radio with his dad, Jimmy Buffet and Jock Jam tapes in the car with his mom and boy bands such as NSYNC and Backstreet Boys on his first CDs. Going to shows and playing bass guitar as well as drums in a rock band throughout high school taught him the powerful effect of live music on the human body and mind.

• • • • •

In 2016 Goble decided to move from to Los Angeles to work in event production and as freelance designer after spending nearly five years in North Lake Tahoe. He initially found himself immersed in the electronic music scene, attending parties such as Space Yacht, Brownies and Lemonade, Exchange LA and various secret warehouse parties where he made many his first LA friends in the industry.

• • • • •

Aside from the electronic music scene, Goble was fortunate enough to attend an intimate concert at the private music venue, Winston House, on his second night living in Venice Beach. It was there that he would forge some of the most meaningful relationships of his life. Goble went on to become a production assistant at Winston House and later a vital member of the media team, after he demonstrated his abilities by touring with successful Alt Rock band Grizfolk as their photographer and videographer.

• • • • •

Goble additionally went on to join forces with talented songwriter and visual artist, Chase McBride, where he assisted McBride to develop marketing strategy, oversaw bookings and captured content during the releases of two of McBride’s albums and respective tours to promote them.

“I learned most of what it takes to be an independent artist through Chase. His friendship and the opportunities to work side-by-side with him on his releases have become invaluable to my career as both an artist and a musician.”

Since moving to Venice Beach, Goble has limited his performances to private gatherings and jam/writing sessions with other artist friends. He’s been fortunate enough to share these experiences with the likes of gifted LA based singers and songwriters such as: Corey Harper, Flavia, Joesph Luca, Valentina, Grizfolk, Amy West, Ryan Merchant (Capital Cities), talker, Dan Sadin, Andrew Heringer, and most notably Adam Roth, lead singer of Grizfolk, who Goble declares first made him believe in his own abilities and potential in performing/writing on a professional level.

• • • • •

Goble insists that it was both Sadin (former guitarist of FRENSHIP) and Heringer (Milo Greene/The Guest & The Host) who first took him seriously after he sent out a folder of music demos to select friends who doubled as artists and producers.

“Both Dan and Andrew saw something in me from the start. They each went out on a limb to work with me and helped pull the creative juices out of my blood into something beyond what I thought was possible for me to create. I could not have conceived Enjune without their encouragement as friends and talent as producers.”

Today, Goble continues to write, record and play music in the Los Angeles area. Aside from his musicianship, his other creative endeavors span across projects related to brand identity, web development, event production, photography and videography, all predominantly within the music industry. When he’s not working or creating music, you might spot him in LA at a show supporting friends or checking out other live acts by whom he’s inspired.