Jakke’s new single “Burn Me Up” engulfs us in a fiery world of lust and intoxication

When is love not romance, but instead something more dark and carnal? “Burn Me Up” paints a sonic picture of an erotic overnight experience between two individuals, building in intensity as it progresses like a roaring fire.

“As humans, we sometimes have these fervid experiences in which we lose ourselves in the moment and melt into another plain of existence immeshed in lust and ecstasy”


Driven by a mix of piano, synths, and electric guitars atop powerful, deep bass line and stacked percussive layers, the track seductively creates a groovy and vibey atmosphere of hot, soulful energy that will surely leave you smoldering by its end.

Edgy, sexy and always vibey – Jakke is the newly created alt-rock moniker of LA artist and songwriter, Jake Goble.

Since building a reputation for himself under his genesis indie-pop rock project, Enjune in 2018, Goble has spent the last 2 years cultivating a new brand of music under the alias, Jakke.

“I realized it was important for me to identify the core musical identity I had become since I started making music legitimately. Enjune will always be a vehicle I release certain records under, but Jakke is the driver of it all. When I work on projects of my own or with others, that’ll always be the name you see.”

Jakke is set to release his third single, ‘Burn Me Up’, on July 15th from his forthcoming HOW DO YOU LOVE EP.

“This next EP takes a lot of my most meaningful live concert inspirations of dope alt-rock bands and blends them into my own special sauce sound. (Think Glass Animals meets Phantogram). ‘Waves’, was the best pick as the first release as it represents all the new music coming, as well as acts as a bridge to my older indie-pop rock songs.”

With lots of new music and vibes on the way, expect to see a lot more of Jakke this year.


Jakke, expands his trippy, vibey alt-rock world with his newest single “Release”

We all have something that gets us off or alters our state of consciousness. ‘Release’ is an ode to breaking out of your default state of mind to experience something pleasurable, greater or profound. We all have our vices, our rituals, our ceremonies, our ways in which we switch and escape; whether it’s good, bad or somewhere in between.

Powered by a driving 808 bass line, the track takes us on a psychedelic rock journey woven in between cleverly crafted and poetic lyrics that allude to innuendos hinting at sex and drug use to the careful listener.

“Take a trip to the ocean – Let it drip my emotion – In a glimpse – Deep devotion – Melt away”

As the song progresses, we feel like we are on a rollercoaster that continues to go faster until we and everything around us too begins to melt and dissolve into a liquid kaleidoscopic dream.

Introducing: Jakke, with the release of vibey alt-rock single “Waves”

In a world fueled by addiction to technology, contributing to rising depression and societal unrest, ‘Waves’ grants us a spark in the foggy darkness. The song was written in response to identifying and breaking the unhealthy patterns that we develop in our lives. It is an alt-rock anthem for overcoming our fears and breaking our old patterns to manifest a better world for each of us to grow into. “Stand on top of the waves” and create a brighter future for yourself.






2/5/22 – CORNERSTONE w/ Grizfolk – Berkeley, CA
11/13/21 – DUSTY RECORDS w/ Brady – Los Angeles, CA
2/20/20 – MOROCCAN LOUNGE w/ Cody Lovaas + Stereo Jane – Los Angeles, CA
9/18/19 – RESIDENT DTLA for Breaking Sound – Los Angeles, CA
8/19/19 – MOROCCAN LOUNGE w/ Royal & The Serpent + Sophie Strauss
7/11/19 – BUDMAN STUDIO w/ MOONZz + Colyer – Venice, CA